Are we the cheapest Online Travel Agency? We want to be!

When booking a hotel room, we imagine you've all got your go-to websites. We needn't mention names, but there are plenty of big companies out there with huge advertising budgets - you know the ones. So why would you even consider going with a new online travel agency like PlansChange?

Because you're after something more!

PlansChange may be the new kid on the block, but we're not your average online travel agency. Read on to find out how we drive down our hotel booking prices and go the extra mile for our customers.

Flexible hotel rooms at great prices

Here at PlansChange, we provide access to the best hotels, prices and availability all in one place. We also aim to offer lower prices than some of our competitors wherever possible. And unlike a lot of other companies, when you book through PlansChange, your payment goes directly to the accommodation provider, so you won't miss out on any loyalty points!

But aren't your hotel rooms non-refundable?

Now we know what you're thinking - sure, it's great to get a hotel at a cheap price, but what happens if I need to cancel? We understand that booking a non-refundable hotel room comes with its risks. If you become unwell and aren't able to travel, the last thing you want is to pay for a hotel room you can't use.

While many other online travel agencies offer non-refundable hotel rooms at cheap prices to draw people in, we're a bit different. We go a step further and offer all customers a 'backup plan.'

Yes, if you can't use your cheap non-refundable hotel room for one reason or another, you can sell it on our marketplace!

Sell your non-refundable hotel room with PlansChange

A great reason to choose PlansChange over other online travel agencies is that we're here for our customers. We won't leave you in the lurch if something goes wrong and you can't use your non-refundable hotel booking. Instead, we'll help you sell it to someone else.

We make it easy for customers to list hotel bookings they can't use, so they have a chance of recouping some of their losses. All we ask is that you list your hotel room at the same price you paid initially or lower!

And we don't just offer this service to previous PlansChange customers. Suppose you have booked a hotel room directly or through another online travel agency or booking website. In that case, you can list and sell it on PlansChange to recover some of your money.

Unique hotel deals

One of the great reasons to visit our website is that it's packed full of unique hotel deals you won't find elsewhere. While online travel agencies often have duplicate branded hotel deals, our re-seller listings are exclusive to PlansChange

Great customer service

Another perk of going with the new kid on the block? We're all about great customer service. To us, you're not just another reservation number. You are a valued customer, and we'll do everything in our power to make sure you have a positive experience with our company!

We strive to offer first-class customer service, with a dedicated team on hand to answer your queries via email, phone and social media.

We listen to you

The idea of PlansChange was born out of listening to hotel customers. We heard that you wanted booking accommodation to be easy and enjoyable. You needed peace of mind that you wouldn't lose your money if something were to go wrong. And that's why we created our marketplace. 

Even now, we continue to keep that line of communication open between our team and our customers. We welcome feedback from you and use it to improve our service continuously.

It pays to try something new

We're all guilty of getting stuck in our ways - whether it's eating the same food every week, visiting the same places or shopping from the same companies. Still, sometimes, it pays to try something new!

When it's time to book a hotel, whether for work or pleasure, instead of going to that same booking site you always use, why not checkin to something different? 

Take a minute to browse our Great Deals page and see what cheap hotel deals our PlansChange sellers offer. Grab yourself a fantastic bargain on a hotel room you won't find elsewhere!

Bookmark the PlansChange website on your browser and follow us on social media. Enjoy a new booking experience with greater choice, better price and total peace of mind.