Countdown Begins..

When I walk through the door here at work on Monday I will officially only have 2 weeks left of work.

I am excited to have some time to pack up, visit with family & friends, go to the gym and just relax!

What would you do if you had a couple weeks to do whatever you wanted?

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Apartment Hunting

Where to start on apartment hunting in NYC.

It is cut throat and apartment prices are wild! You need to find something that is OK and put your application in on it.. b/c if you don’ will be gone.

Also- you go and think you are going to find the perfect apartment and what you found was the perfect walk-in closet…

After looking at a couple… we stumbled on the best apartment EVER! (all in relative terms..remember the perfect walk-in closets) We find the apartment and have 12 minutes to get to the management companies office to put an application in.. 30 blocks.. and 12 minutes… we tell the cab driver we are in a hurry.. 5 blocks away.. we get a call and :( an application was put in on the apartment..

Today though… WE GOT THE APARTMENT! My happiness is another couples sadness.. the application they put in was denied.

Can I repeat again…. WE GOT THE APARTMENT!

So happy.. one bedroom with 5 closets.. in NYC terms this is a mansion :)

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Words….Why do they hurt so much!

Someone said something yesterday that hurt my feelings. On my way home from a long day of work I broke down in tears. It hurts when people judge you. Why do we let words hurt us so much even when we know that they are not true??

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Every farewell makes the next hello closer…

After 8 years at being at my company.. Monday i announced my resignation. It makes my move a reality now. Though- saying goodbye to co-workers who have become family, an office that has become my second home, clients who have become friends, my messy desk that has become my safe haven at times.. is HARD. I love my job.. I love the people I work for.. I love my co-workers and clients.. though love is not always enough. It is time for new challenges and new life experiences.

So, today is my countdown. Exactly 3 months from today.. I will be JOBLESS.

I never thought I would leave a job.. before I found another one. What to do?? Do I stay in my industry of employee benefit consulting.. do I go and be a manager at another organization.. work for a non-profit? My life is open and for the first time in awhile… I feel free!

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Do what is right for you!

I was just reading a post on and it made me take a step back and realize why over the years our plans have changed and why we are moving.

Over the past 10 years that Mr W and I have been together we have had a lot of changes. We use to own a house in a suburb.. then we decided we wanted to own a house in the country.. then we decided that we did not want to own a house.. and we decided to rent in the city. Why all of these moves.. because we were trying to figure out what we wanted!

Everyone tells you what you are supposed to do.. Buy a house, have 2.5 kids, a dog, 2 cars and live the american dream. Well.. who was the one to make this all up and say this is what you are supposed to do?

We had the house, the cars, good jobs and the dogs.. next step … That is when I freaked out! Our life was being planned for us and we feed into it. I did NOT want kids.. even though people think I am crazy.. I did NOT want the house in the suburbs.. and I do NOT want to make a six-figured salary at a job I hate! I want my dogs, husband, job that makes me happy and to experience life.. that is why we decided to move to NYC. CAUSE WE WANTED TO! We will decide our lives and we will not listen to others!

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Where to live..

Last weekend we flew down to NYC for a night to walk around before the cold and snow started. We walked around the whole city.. upper east, upper west side, east village, west village and time square..

Mr W. loved the west village. I on the other hand loved the upper east/west side. My mommy instincts knew we needed to be near parks for the two most important men of our lives. The upper east side has a great park with a dog run and only a couple blocks from cental park. Bonus- the rent in this area is affordable! 

Going to NYC for the night made moving to NYC seem like a reality. Before that it always seemed like a far away dream that may or may not come true. We are getting closer day by day to moving and picking an area to live in was such a big step.

Though as we get closer my nerves start to set in. This is such a big change and leaving my work, family and friends is going to be bitter sweet.

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Jobs. Resumes. Oh My!

Wow- It has been 8 years since I updated my resume and the worst part.. 8 years since I interviewed.

Scary. To say the least.

I feal panic as well as excitement as we enter into this new chapter.. excitment because we will get to experience a new city, go to great resturants, broadway shows and wonder the blocks of NYC… Panic because that means I have to find a new job.. interview.. meet new co-workers and start all over.

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Concrete Jungle where dreams are made of..

As we have moved from our twenties to thirties.. plans have changed on a hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. We fumble our way through to figure out what works best for us.

We have tried out Suburbia Mr & Mrs and decided that life was not for us.. So, we moved into the city of Rochester.. the more we live here the more we realize we like city living..

So, yet again.. Plans change and we are moving to NYC …as of May 1st. Some call us crazy.. but we call this life.

Join me and Mr. W for our journey while we flip our life upside down from quiet Park Ave.. in Rochester, NY to the the concrete jungle…

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