Booking a hotel through Plans Change - How much can you save?

Kim and Mick Rhodes had it all planned out - a two night stay at the Crieff Hydro Hotel in Perthshire, Scotland, with their two children Abigail and Thomas. The trip was planned for July when the kids would be off for summer, and after a tricky school year, they deserved a fun break too!

The Rhodes family chose the Crieff Hydro Hotel for the activities. Thomas couldn't wait to visit the Adventure Park, and Abigail was excited to go on her first-ever pony ride. Only, no one could predict that poor Thomas would go and break his leg in the last week of school. Yes, a nasty fall in the school playground meant that Kim and Mick had no choice but to cancel their trip.

Keen to find a loophole for non-refundable hotel bookings, Kim took her search to Google, and that's when she came across Plans Change! Like many of our sellers, she decided that selling the hotel last-minute at a heavily discounted price was the best option. Kim listed the £500 hotel room for two adults and two children for just £240, hoping that someone would snap up the bargain. At least she'd be able to recoup some of their losses, which was better than getting no money at all.

The good news? It worked!

Charlotte, who had recently come across Plans Change on Instagram, was looking for a last-minute break for her family of four when she found Kim's listing. Even though the Crieff Hydro Hotel was only about an hour's drive from their home in Scotland, she'd always fancied staying there. Spotting the seller had reduced the hotel room price by more than 50%, she snapped it up before anyone beat her to it.

Checking into the hotel was simple. Charlotte was pleased to find that the names had been changed on the booking, so there was no explanation necessary. What's more, the family were able to book all of the activities and restaurant dining before they got there to ensure they had a fun-filled weekend! 

"Our sons particularly enjoyed the adventure park and had a great time on the mini off-roaders with their dad while I had a much-needed spa treatment!"

After securing a £500 hotel room at less than half price, Charlotte tells us she'll definitely be visiting the Plans Change website in the future to see what other bargains she can find.

"It really is as simple as it seems! We had a fantastic time away, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend booking a discounted hotel through Plans Change to any of my friends."

We're so pleased to hear that Charlotte and her family enjoyed their stay at the Crieff Hydro hotel and want to thank her for the positive feedback.

We'd also like to say a big thank you to Kim for agreeing to contribute to our case study.

"It was so unfortunate that we couldn't go on our break, but with Thomas in a cast, it would have been too difficult. Plus, he'd have been so gutted missing out on the climbing wall and all of the adventure activities. We're so pleased to have recovered some of our money and hope the other family had a great time. We'll be keeping an eye out for cheap hotels on Plans Change too."

Let's hope you get to go on that family getaway soon, Kim!

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