Make Your Next Holiday a Staycation

Millions of people have had to cancel their holiday plans because of coronavirus and, even now with travel restrictions being lifted for many countries around the world, many people are still reluctant to risk international travel. With this in mind, we’ve decided to create a blog on staycations, to try and give you some guidance and tips for making such a holiday a successful one. It might sound a bit tame, compared to the international trips you may typically embark on, but in these days when country borders are closed and your go-to destinations are off limits, this could be a perfect time to discover idyllic domestic holidays taken closer to home!

Benefits of the Staycation:

Save Money

Take out the price of long-distance travel costs and you’ve probably got more room in your budget, but we often overlook the ‘hidden’ costs of foreign travel, which can also soon add up to significant sums;

1.     Getting to the airport – when booking a holiday, we often overlook the cost of either paying for taxi’s to get us to the airport, or the cost of parking there, for the duration of our holiday. Neither option is usually cheap!

2.     When you get to your destination airport, it may also be a similarly expensive scenario of additional cost to get to the actual hotel or resort you are staying in.

3.     Then, upon arrival, its often a case of having to pay for such things as resort fees, Wi-Fi, safe rental, etc – none of which you likely budgeted for.

4.     Exchange rates can also eat into your travelling budget – if you do travel abroad, always be careful about the rates offered in more convenient locations like airports and hotel lobbies – that convenience often comes at a significant hidden cost!

5.     Local taxes / tourist taxes. In Venice, for example, tourist tax is charged by hotels to all tourist and is a few Pounds/Dollars a day. Destinations like USA charge tax on pretty much anything purchased so you think you know the total amount – and then comes the tax. This can come as quite a shock if you are not aware of it.  

6.     International Roaming Charges - You might not plan on using your phone but, if you do, those calls & texts can quickly add up to a serious expense.

7.     Extra baggage charges, if you accidentally over packed or bought too many souvenirs, the airline will have no problem with adding to your holiday costs!

8.     Visa / Entry / Departure Fees varying wildly, depending on your destination, so can become an unbudgeted cost, as well.

9.     Pet boarding fees – if you haven’t considered how to have Fido or Felix cared for, whilst you are away, you could be in for a shock at the hit your budget will take to cover this cost.

Add that list together and the implied cost of your foreign holiday could become significantly higher than you budgeted for – the Staycation might become even more appealing now!

Less Travel

A holiday that doesn’t require leaving the country, usually entails less travel than if you were jetting off abroad. Not only are you potentially saving money, but there is the time saving you’ll make too. No painful airport lounge check in wait times, no transfer hassle and no jet lag. 

Environmental Impact

Let us not forget the potential environmental saving too. By simply not taking international flights, you could be making big reductions in you and your families carbon footprint.

Support The Local Economy

It’s really important to support the local economy, especially at the moment, so, by eating out at local cafes, bars and restaurants or choosing to shop at independent or farm shops, rather than doing your full shop at the supermarket, you’re supporting the economy that you and your loved ones are intrinsically part of. You could even choose to stay at boutique or independently owned hotels, rather than go for the chain companies. 

Children Love Staycations

This is a huge thing if you’re a parent. Kids can’t tell and don’t care about how much money you’ve spent on a holiday. It’s all about what they get out of it. Go to a museum with them, or take them on an epic canoe trip or horseback riding, or on a farm with a petting zoo. With kids, it’s truly only the imagination that sets the limits. You will be giving your kids amazing entertainment and happy memories for life.

Staycations are also perfect for giving in to your nostalgia and taking your family to the places that hold dear memories for you from your past.

Take Your Pets

There are many choices of pet friendly accommodation. Some places may charge a pet fee, but this is usually a fraction of the cost of kennelling. Plus, doesn’t your pet deserve a holiday, just as much as the rest of the family do?

Make Plans

To make sure you make the most of your trip, you should make a plan and set an itinerary for your holiday. With so many places to see and explore you’ll not be short of things to do. From farm parks and wildlife parks to local attractions. You can even book ahead at restaurants so you can plan right down to your last meal! 

Stay In The UK This Summer!

So, the case for the Staycation is strong and you’ll arrive at your destination, fluent in the language, fresh and free of jet lag, knowledgeable in the transport possibilities and with a general idea of the things you want to do and see there. Plus there are so many other potential benefits – less expense, reduced environmental impact, less travel, supporting your economy and even, potentially, taking the pets!