How to cancel non refundable hotel rooms

Booking a hotel room at a cheaper non refundable rate can be a great way to save money. However, life is unpredictable - illnesses arise, emergencies occur, and plans inevitably change so, there’s a chance you might be left with a hotel booking you cannot use.

If you find yourself needing to cancel or reschedule a prepaid or non refundable reservation, prepare for battle! It’s not going to be easy. Here we’ll talk you through some of the possible exceptions to strict hotel cancellation policies as well as a game-changing alternative if you can’t get a refund on a non refundable hotel booking.

Under what circumstances can you request a refund on a non refundable hotel booking?

Some hotels may allow you to reschedule or refund a non refundable booking if you have a reasonable excuse such as a bereavement, serious illness or the hotel has been misadvertised.

While a ‘non refundable’ hotel booking is usually non refundable, you might be able to secure a refund in the case of a bereavement or serious illness. A death in the family or serious illness will likely result in the hotel showing some compassion and sympathy, so they may offer a full refund regardless of the initial rate booked. Speak to them as soon as you can and don’t be offended if they ask you to provide some documentation, such as a doctor’s letter, before they are willing to refund you. Remember, the hotel manager will have protocols to follow to offer a free cancellation and refund.

If you are unable to secure a refund on a non refundable booking, you could try the following:

  • Ask if the hotel will reschedule your booking to a new date
  • Check your travel insurance policy to see if you are covered
  • Sell your non refundable hotel booking on

How can I get my money back on a non refundable hotel booking?

If you are unable to get a refund on your hotel booking, resell it with Plans Change and get some of your money back.

We’ve already highlighted some of the exceptional circumstances where a hotel may (at its sole discretion) decide to refund a non refundable booking. However, if none of these circumstances apply to you and you’re looking for another way to get your money back on a non refundable hotel booking, we’ve got a game-changing solution.

List your prepaid or non refundable hotel reservation on Plans Change - the hotel room resale marketplace. We’ll share your hotel reservation to our captive global audience, who are ready and waiting to snap up the best hotel deals. Once sold, we’ll transfer your hotel reservation to the new buyer, secure your funds and send them to you promptly.

How do I sell my hotel room?

Selling your hotel reservation on Plans Change is quick and easy. Simply enter your booking details, set a price 25% lower than the original rate, upload proof of your booking, and preview your listing before it goes live.

Plans Change is here to take the stress out of travel. If you’re a risk taker (we like you already) and have booked a non refundable room, only for things to go pear-shaped (it happens to us all at some point) we’re here to help you get some of your money back.

First, register with us and complete our easy validation process (£2.50 + sales tax). It’s important to verify genuine sellers to keep our buyers safe. Next, create your first listing. Enter your booking details and choose your price. While we appreciate you want to get as much of your money back as possible, the sweeter the deal, the more likely it’ll get snapped up. To make things fair, we ask our sellers to set a price at least 25% lower than the original room rate. You can also allow potential buyers to make you an offer.

Once you’ve got the details down, you’ll need to upload proof of your booking. Again, this helps to ensure we build a community of genuine buyers.

Plans Change will then provide a preview of the listing for your approval. Publishing and listing your hotel room on Plans Change costs £5.00 + sales tax. We’re all for transparency so it’s important that you know we will also take a small percentage of the final selling price. However, if for some reason your hotel reservation does not sell on our marketplace, you won’t owe us a penny! We work on a no-sale-no-fee basis.

Use Plans Change to get some money back on your room reservation

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