London is Empty

It seems that every Hotel , Guest House and B&B with in smelling distance of the sea is fully booked for the foreseeable future. Trying to book anything this late in the day within 20 miles of the coast is nigh on impossible.


If your lucky enough to find somewhere, you then have to face the 10 mile tail backs, grid locked country lanes, and booked up restaurants. Not the idyllic staycation you envisaged? It got us thinking!


While everyone is at the coast why not follow a different path?


London - the greatest capital on the plant is virtually empty. The year before lockdown over 20 million visited from overseas. The numbers visiting now are no where near at the same level. Imagine being able to actually see the lions at Trafalgar Square without hundreds of people climbing all over them, or being able to walk down Oxford Street in a straight line. 


With timed entry to most top attractions you don’t have to queue for hours. Turn up at your allotted time and enjoy. Amazing. You may even be able to walk into a top restaurant and be seated without a reservation. Who would have thought it?


On top of all this - if you could find a branded hotel at a discount price your London staycation could be the best break you’ve had in years.


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