Last Minute Changes to Christmas Plans: How to sell a hotel reservation

No one likes last-minute changes, but sometimes they're inevitable. So if you are currently in a situation where your Christmas plans have changed at the last minute, and you can no longer travel, here's what you need to do…

How to cancel a hotel room at Christmas

If you've got a hotel room booked for Christmas that you can no longer use, our first tip is to contact the hotel directly or the travel company you booked with. As long as your hotel isn't non-refundable, you should be able to cancel it and get your money back.

Things are a little more tricky if you've booked a non-refundable hotel room at Christmas. As the name 'non-refundable' suggests, these are hotel rooms that are often sold at a lower price but with the consequence that if the customer cancels, they won't get their money back. Still, it's always worth trying to see if you can get a refund or even change your hotel reservation to a different date. You never know; the hotel manager might be in the Christmas spirit!

What if I can't get my money back on a hotel room booking?

If you can't get your money back on a hotel room, don't panic! There is another option. List it on Plans Change! We are a unique marketplace connecting sellers who can no longer use their hotel rooms and buyers looking for the best hotel deals not available elsewhere.

Yes, it's cutting it fine this close to Christmas Day, but think about all the spontaneous people out there looking for a last-minute break. Offer your hotel reservation at an attractive price, and chances are, it'll be snapped up by someone looking to escape the same-old Christmas they experience every year and do something completely different!

How to sell a Christmas hotel room reservation on Plans Change

Time's running out, so if you want to sell your Christmas hotel room on Plans Change, you need to act fast! First, you'll need to sign up for a free account. During the registration process, you will need to tell us where to send your funds when your booking sells and provide credit card details we can verify.

Once you've created an account, it's time to tell us about your Christmas hotel reservation. Enter the booking details, the price you want to sell it for and proof of your original booking. We will then use the hotel room booking information you've supplied to create a listing on our marketplace and share it on our Resale Deals page.

Plans Change will send you a notification if someone makes you an offer or books your resale deal. You can choose to accept or decline an offer. Once your booking sells, we'll transfer it to the buyer on your behalf and secure your funds. After 24 hours post-checkout, we'll release the funds to your Plans Change account, ready for withdrawal. It's as quick and easy as that!

Pricing tips for re-selling your hotel room with Plans Change

When it comes to pricing your hotel room reservation on Plans Change, we have one rule - that you price it the same or lower than you originally paid. And as you've likely guessed, the lower your hotel room resale price, the more likely it is to sell quickly! People can't resist a hotel room bargain, and while you won't get all the money back you originally paid, at least you'll get some.

We'll feature your hotel room listing on our Resale Deals page and share some of the best deals on our social media and in emails to our subscribers. As we keep saying, the better the deal, the more likely your hotel booking will sell. Keep those fingers crossed!

How much does it cost to list a hotel room on Plans Change?

It’s 100% free to register for a sellers account with Plans Change and list a hotel resale deal. However, we charge a small fee when your hotel room reservation sells. Plans Change are all for transparency, and we will tell you exactly how much it will cost you to sell your hotel room with us. We keep fees low so you can get as much money back as possible. And, of course, if your hotel room doesn't sell, you won't be charged a penny!

What if I want to book a last-minute Christmas hotel?

If you're reading this blog post and don't need to sell a Christmas hotel reservation, you might be looking to book a hotel last minute instead. Good news! We've got some fantastic hotel room resale deals for you to browse:

Ibis Budget Paris Porte d'orleans (23rd - 31st December 2022)

Enjoy a romantic Christmas break for 2 in Paris! 

Book for $390 (originally $484.68) or make the seller an offer.

Aava Whistler Hotel (24th - 26th December 2022)

Spend Christmas in Canada. Enjoy a 2-night stay in a deluxe double room at the enchanting Aava Whistler hotel, complete with a luxurious pool, hot tub and sauna.

Book for $1000 (originally $1622.16) or make an offer.

J24 Hotel (24th - 27th December 2022)

If neither Paris or Canada take your fancy, why not head to Italy for an unforgettable festive getaway? This resale deal is for 3 nights in Milan at the J24 Hotel.

Book for £180 (originally £237) or make the seller an offer.

Shop our Christmas and New Year Hotel Room Deals

We also have some cheap hotel deals available for post-Christmas breaks in late December and early January, so keep an eye on our page to be the first to spot these one-of-a-kind travel offers!

Christmas Wishes from Plans Change

Finally, we'd like to take this opportunity to wish all our customers a Merry Christmas. Whether you're at home for the holidays, visiting family or travelling abroad for a new experience, we hope you have the most magical celebrations, creating memories that will last a lifetime.