Cancelled summer plans? Resell your hotel room with Plans Change

Summer is here, and it’s the season for spontaneous adventures, relaxing beach holidays, and exciting weekend getaways. But, sometimes, plans change. Maybe an urgent work commitment popped up, your best friend had to reschedule their wedding, or a family member fell ill. Whatever the reason, you’re now stuck with a non-refundable hotel room you can’t use - even worse, you’re out of pocket.

But there’s no need to panic - or let your hotel room and money go to waste! Reselling your hotel room on Plans Change will turn the situation around. Here’s how…

Q&As about selling your hotel room

What is Plans Change?

Plans Change is a hotel resale marketplace where you can sell non-refundable hotel reservations. This platform connects you with buyers looking for great deals on hotel rooms, helping you recoup your costs and ensure your booking doesn't go to waste.

How do I resell my hotel room?

The registration and listing process on Plans Change is quick and easy:

  • Register and Verify: Sign up on the Plans Change website and go through a simple verification process to ensure your listing is genuine.
  • Create Your Listing: Provide details of your hotel reservation, including dates, location, and amenities. This helps potential buyers understand what they’re getting.
  • Set Your Price: You have complete control over your listing price, as long as it’s at least 25% lower than the original booking price. This makes your listing attractive to buyers looking for a deal.

Can I edit or remove my listing after it's live?

Absolutely! You can edit or remove your listing at any time, unless it has sold. Plans Change understands that your situation might change again, so you’re always in control.

Can buyers make offers on my listings?

Yes, you can turn on the ‘make an offer’ option, which allows buyers to make offers on your listing. Switch it on from the start or for just the last few hours before your listing expires. This feature increases your chances of selling the room.

What if I can’t sell my hotel room?

One of the great benefits of Plans Change is our no-sale no-fee policy. If your listing doesn’t sell, you won’t be charged. This makes listing your room risk-free!

Benefits of using Plans Change

Access to a global audience: Your hotel room listing will be visible to a worldwide audience of eager travellers looking for amazing deals. Whether someone is planning a last-minute summer getaway or a spontaneous weekend break, your hotel room could be just what they’re looking for.

Maximise your summer budget: By selling your non-refundable hotel room, you can recover some of your costs. This extra cash can be used to fund new summer plans, whether it's booking another hotel, buying concert tickets, or treating yourself to a fancy dinner.

All the hard work done for you: Once you sell your hotel room, we’ll take care of transferring the booking to your buyer, so you won’t have to lift a finger! Simply sit back and wait for the funds to arrive in your online wallet.

Real life scenario: turning a change of summer plans into an opportunity

Imagine you booked a fancy beach-side hotel for a relaxing weekend getaway, but your plans fell through because you unexpectedly fell ill. Instead of letting that reservation go to waste, you list it on Plans Change. Within days, a couple looking for a last-minute romantic retreat spots your listing and books it. They get a great deal, and you get some of your money back, ready to use for future travel plans once you’re feeling better.

It’s all about making the best of a bad situation so you don’t lose out!

Resell your reservation and regain control of your plans

Summer is a time for fun and freedom. When plans change, don’t let a non-refundable hotel room dampen your spirit. Re-list your non-refundable hotel room on our hotel resale marketplace, regain control of your plans, and keep your summer budget intact. Register with us today and turn a change of plans into a new opportunity.

Signed up and ready to go? Visit our selling page to list your hotel room and make the best of your summer!