Is It Safe To Travel During The Pandemic?

The vaccination program gave fresh hope that traveling abroad during the summer can be possible and safe. But the new standard will be part of any post COVID-19 travel. 


Choose Your Destination

Even if you did get your vaccine, you need to keep an eye on your destination by checking the infection rate per 100 000 inhabitants and the country regulations. A negative COVID-19 test is essential now. Make sure you follow the travel advice from WHO and the Ministry of Health of the country you want to visit.


Plan How You're Getting There

Many airline, train, and coach travel companies are doing an impeccable job keeping their clients safe while traveling. Anyone traveling by plane, train, or bus will have to wear a face mask from the moment their journey begins until they reach their final destination. Since regulations keep changing,make sure you visit your transportation company's website before traveling.


Check The Latest Regulations 

Getting tested (72h up to 98h before traveling) for the COVID-19 is an essential part of everyone's travel checklist and should be done both before and after traveling. Tests can be completed at urgent care, pharmacies, most hospitals, even on-site, in some airports or hotels.

Do not use the NHS services for traveling purposes. 


Time to Escape 


The new coronavirus spreads quickly in areas with dense population, so follow the social distancing recommendations by choosing isolated locations or places with less people and more space. Think about wildlife tours, island visits, or mountain escapes.Try to avoid city breaks and remember it's a great time to discover the  world from a new perspective.


Take Precautions 

Keep tabs on how you  hotel or vacation rental is taking the pandemic seriously. Look for increased spacing between tables in the breakfast area. Check if a hand sanitiser is always nearby at reception, in the dining area, lobbies, or restrooms. Use disinfecting wipes on high-touch surfaces like doorknobs, light switches, handles, and TV or AC remotes. Consider opting out of the daily cleaning service to keep interaction with strangers minimal.


Make Sure You Can Sell Your Room

Non-refundable, prepaid, cancelation fee, 20% payment guarantee. The nationwide lockdowns imposed by governments led to travel cancellations and changes. This also means people lost their money. Make sure you know your reservation rights, so you won't lose all your money, in case you have to cancel. One of the best options out there is to sell your room on At least, you'll have some of your money back.