What does Plans Change mean?

Today, it's easier than ever to book a holiday, trip, holistay, staycation or whatever you like to call it online. You simply head to your favourite online travel booking site and see what's available. Or, the more savvy consumer will shop around for the best deal, comparing flights, hotels and holidays from a wide range of sources to secure the best price. But what happens if you've booked a holiday and your plans change?

Your holiday plans might change for all sorts of reasons. For example:

  • You or one of your family members catch COVID-19 or are ill and can no longer go on holiday
  • There is a family emergency or bereavement, meaning you can't travel
  • You accidentally double-book yourself
  • You realise you can't get time off work for your trip
  • Your car breaks down, so you can't get to the hotel or airport
  • You have a change of heart about the hotel or holiday you've chosen
  • You find a better hotel room deal elsewhere

'Plans change' can mean any of these things or any other reasons you must alter your travel arrangements.

What to do if your plans change

If you find that you can no longer use your hotel room booking because your plans have changed, you might be able to get your money back straight away. It all depends on the refund policy of the business you have booked with. Some hotel booking sites may offer free cancellations and full refunds, but they often have a cut-off period. For example, you might need to cancel within five days of your booking.

Other travel booking agencies will not offer refunds but might allow you to change your booking, either free of charge or at an extra cost.

However, if you have booked a non-refundable hotel room, things can get a little tricky. With non-refundable hotel rooms, guests have to pay the full price even if they cancel or don't show up. Many hotels have non-refundable rates to help reduce cancellations and benefit from guaranteed payments.

The advantage of non-refundable hotel rooms for travellers is that they tend to be cheaper. But the trouble is, if your plans change and you can't use your non-refundable hotel room, you're unlikely to get your money back from the booking site.

How do you get out of a non-refundable hotel room if plans change?

Our first piece of advice is to check the booking policy to make sure that the hotel room you have booked is non-refundable. Even if it is, it's still worth trying your luck with the booking provider to see if they will give you a refund or let you amend your reservation to switch dates.

If you explain what has happened to make your plans change, for example, illness or a death in the family, there's a slight chance you might be able to get your money back. It all depends on the company you're dealing with, their policies and how important it is for them to retain you as a customer.

If that doesn't work, review your travel insurance. Did you take out a policy that covers you if travel plans change? If so, you might be able to submit a claim to recover your costs on a non-refundable hotel room.

If neither of those work and you can feel your stress levels rising, it's time to take a breath and consider the best option yet - re-selling your non-refundable hotel room on the Plans Change marketplace.

How to sell a non-refundable hotel booking

Can't use your hotel room? No refund available? Sell a hotel reservation on our online marketplace. Whether you have a prepaid, non-refundable or pay at the property reservation, Plans Change can help you increase your chances of getting some, if not all, of your money back.

Register with Plans Change for free

You must sign up for a free account if it's your first time re-selling a hotel room with Plans Change. During the registration process, you will need to specify the account where you wish to receive your funds when your booking sells, and we'll also verify your credit card details.

Share your hotel booking details with us

The next step is to tell us about the hotel reservation resale. Enter the booking details and the price you wish to sell for. We ask that our sellers select the price they originally paid for the hotel room or lower. Remember that buyers will be after a bargain, so the cheaper your hotel room is, the more likely it'll get snapped up!

Once you've submitted the details, upload proof of the original booking, and we'll begin creating your listing.

Sellers are notified by Plans Change when their hotel room sells.

What Plans Change do for you

Our travel booking experts will use the hotel room booking information you've supplied to create a listing, which customers can view on our Resale Deals page. Once your booking sells, we'll transfer it to the buyer on your behalf and secure your funds, so you won't have to lift a finger. And after 24 hours have passed post-checkout, we'll release your funds to your Plans Change account, ready for withdrawal. It's simple, stress-free and saves you from losing your hard earned money when your plans change.

How much does it cost to use Plans Change?

We've answered your question 'where can I sell my hotel room,' but we imagine you're also interested in finding out how much it'll cost. Here at Plans Change, we're all for transparency, so you'll be told upfront how much it'll cost to sell your hotel room with us.

Remember, we only charge selling fees - not listing fees. So, we won't charge a penny if your hotel room reservation doesn't sell.

Why Plans Change?

We know how stressful and disappointing it can be when your plans change, and you can't go on the holiday you've been counting down to or use the hotel room you've paid for. But thanks to our marketplace for non-refundable hotel reservations, if things don't go to plan, you can still get some of your money back.

What's more, with Plans Change as your' plan B,' you can take advantage of cheaper hotel rooms with non-refundable policies, knowing you can always recover your costs by selling them to someone else.

Ready to see what we're all about? Sign up for free to sell your unwanted hotel rooms, or check out our Resale Deals to find a hotel room at a fantastic price.