10 Travel Trends for 2024

As 2023 draws to a close and we head into 2024, the world of travel is transforming. From journeys with meaning to destination dupes, extended 'bleisure' trips and plan-free holidays, join us as we share a rundown of the exciting travel trends shaping the year ahead.

1. Meaningful Journeys

2024 will be the year of meaningful and personalised journeys. Discerning travellers are moving away from generic, one-size-fits-all packaged tours, instead seeking bespoke journeys that offer a truly authentic experience of a particular destination. The focus will shift to crafting custom itineraries beyond conventional sightseeing and tourist hot spots, embracing local immersion to experience the culture, people and traditions.

2. Destination Dupes

'Dupes' have long been popular in the world of beauty and fashion, with influencers sharing cheaper alternatives to coveted luxury products. And now, this trend is taking off in the travel industry, with savvy travellers chasing destination dupes that offer similar allure without the crowds and expense.

Examples of destination dupes for 2024 include visiting Perth instead of Sydney, Liverpool instead of London and Paros instead of Santorini. Wherever you're looking to jet off to, it's worth doing your research and uncovering hidden gems before they become the next big thing!

3. Extended Bleisure

Since the pandemic, there has been an increase in people working from home or, in fact, anywhere. This shift has sparked a sharp rise in 'bleisure' trips, reflecting the seamless fusion of business and leisure pursuits. In 2024, we will see travellers enjoying more 'bleisure,' extending their trips beyond boardrooms to indulge in the richness of local culture, and foster a healthier work-life balance.

4. Set-Jetting

Set-jetting is en route to becoming one of the most popular travel trends in 2024. Expedia reports that more than half of travellers say TV shows and films will inspire their travel plans. Yes, this trend is all about visiting the filming locations and 'sets' of popular TV shows and movies in person.

Inspirational set-jetting destinations include Paris (Emily in Paris), Romania (Wednesday) and London (Bridgerton & The Crown.)

5. Transformational Trips

Post-pandemic, there has been a greater focus on having a proactive and preventative approach to all aspects of mental and physical health. This change in mindset has sparked a rise in longevity retreats, whose offerings go far beyond those of traditional spa resorts and wellness centres, with B12 shots on arrival, poolside IV drips, and pioneering restorative treatments on tap.

We also expect to see a greater focus on sleep, self-care and silence in the travel industry. Silent travel is set to be huge in 2024, with a rise in silent meditation retreats, quiet travel to secluded nature resorts and silent walking tour holidays.

Lastly, on the topic of transformational trips, 2024 will also see an increase in Dry Tripping - where travellers consciously book hotels, retreats and packages aimed at detoxifying from alcohol and promoting sober fun.

6. Astro Tourism

Astro tourism is emerging as a prominent travel trend in 2024, where enthusiasts seek to witness celestial wonders by venturing to destinations free of pollution, crowds, and traffic, ensuring optimal conditions for stargazing.

While iconic Northern Lights spots like Iceland may initially spring to mind, the UK offers its own array of Astro tourism opportunities. With multiple International Dark Sky Reserves such as Exmoor National Park, Brecon Beacons, Moore's Reserve in the South Downs, Snowdonia, North York Moors, and the Yorkshire Dales, as well as Northumberland's distinction as an International Dark Sky Park (Gold Tier), the UK provides diverse options for avid stargazers.

Dark Skies Festivals in autumn and winter further enhance the Astro tourism experience, offering a chance to delve into the wonders of star constellations and space.

7. Concert Tourism

Concert tourism - where fans travel overseas to watch a concert, will continue to be a massive trend in 2024. With popular tours quickly selling out and sometimes costing thousands, dedicated fans are often willing to travel abroad to see their favourite singers and bands and secure better tickets at a cheaper price. At the same time, they benefit from the opportunity to explore a new city and immerse themselves in the local culture.

Taylor Swift's Eras Tour is a fantastic example of the power of concert tourism, having boosted travel, tourism and hotel revenues across the US. It has even been reported that the economic boost generated in some US cities has eclipsed the entire GDP of some small countries!

With the Eras tour extending to the UK and Europe in 2024, the lucky chosen destinations are already gearing up for a huge influx of visitors and capitalising on destination marketing opportunities to boost the local economy.

And it's not just music concerts that fans will travel for. It also applies to sporting events, and in 2024, France will see an increase in tourism as hosts of the Rugby World Cup and the Summer Olympics in Paris.

8. Cool-cations

While most people book a holiday to escape to warmer climates, with global warming causing record-breaking temperatures, 2024 will be the year of cool-cations.

That's right, according to a survey by luxe travel network Virtuoso, sun-seeking is off the agenda, with 82% of travellers considering destinations with more moderate weather in 2024 in a conscious effort to escape the heat and enjoy a respite from intensifying summer temperatures.

Countries such as Iceland, Finland, Switzerland, Norway, and Scotland, known for their cooler climates, are set to be popular choices.

9. AI Travel Aids

In 2024, AI will continue to take centre stage and reshape how we plan and experience travel. Travellers are increasingly turning to AI chatbots, such as OpenAI's ChatGPT, for destination inspiration, and travel platforms are taking note, incorporating AI into their booking journeys to streamline the process and offer greater personalisation.

AI-powered features will continue to evolve over the next 12 months to provide even better support to travellers. From breaking down language barriers with real-time translations to providing personalised suggestions based on individual travel habits, AI will become an indispensable companion, enhancing the efficiency and enjoyment of every adventure.

10. Plan-free Travel

Adding a contradictory twist to the trends mentioned earlier, travel experts forecast the end of meticulously planned trips in favour of more spontaneous travel.

In 2024, a lack of plans will become the plan itself, giving rise to the allure of surprise trips (where travellers remain in suspense until at the airport) and the thrill of last-minute travel bookings.

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Here's to a year of adventures

2023 has been a busy and exciting year for us at Plans Change, and we look forward to all that's to come in 2024. We want to take this opportunity to thank all of our fabulous customers for your continued support - Merry Christmas to you all, and best wishes for the New Year.