Are hotel rooms transferable?

Have your travel plans changed and left you with a hotel reservation you can't use? Depending on the booking terms and conditions, you can contact the hotel directly and organise a refund or reschedule your booking for a new date. However, if you've booked a non-refundable hotel room, you're likely cursing yourself right now, thinking there's no chance of getting your money back. Well, the good news is, you're wrong! You can now resell your non-refundable hotel reservations on the Plans Change marketplace to get some of your money back.

Stick with us as we walk you through reselling a hotel room, transferring it to a buyer and getting paid.

What happens if a hotel refuses to refund money?

Today, most hotels offer cheap hotel rooms as non-refundable bookings. While a cheap hotel room sounds attractive, unfortunately, the downside is that you won't be able to get your money back from the hotel if you cancel your reservation. You can, however, resell non-refundable bookings on Plans Change.

If a hotel refuses to refund your money, the first step is to check the terms and conditions of your reservation and the hotel's refund policy. If you can't get a refund, call the hotel and see if you can change the dates. If that doesn't work, it's time to resell your hotel room on Plans Change to increase your chances of getting some money back.

Hotels aren't going to advertise that you can resell their rooms. It's the travel industry's best-kept secret - and we're here to share it with you!

Resell your hotel room on Plans Change

To sell a hotel room reservation on our marketplace, you will need to register and agree to our terms and conditions. You can list your reservation once you have set up an account and completed our quick user verification process. This will include a nominal validation fee.

Once Plans Change has verified you, you will need to submit some basic details about your hotel booking, such as the hotel name and dates. You won't need to upload any photos or information about the hotel - the Plans Change marketplace does it automatically to save you time and effort.

Choose the resale price for your hotel room. We only ask that it's at least 25% cheaper than the original booking price. This discount gives buyers an attractive deal and means your reservation is much more likely to sell.

Naturally, the lower you price your hotel reservation, the quicker it will sell. We also provide Plans Change sellers the opportunity to accept offers. You can turn on the 'Make an offer' feature at any time during the selling process and will remain in control of accepting or declining offers from interested buyers.

We will tell you how much you will pay in seller fees to Plans Change. We base our cost on the selling price, and if you do not sell your hotel reservation, you won't owe a single penny. We're fair like that!

Once your Plans Change listing is ready, we'll share it with you so you can double-check that the details are correct. Approve it with a click of a button, and it'll go live on the Plans Change marketplace. Remember to share it on social media. We also include the best resale deals in weekly emails to subscribers.

Can I change the name on a hotel booking?

Often, hotels will prevent you from being able to change the name on your reservation or charge you to do so. When you resell a hotel reservation with Plans Change, you won't need to worry about changing the name on your hotel booking.

Once a buyer has paid for the reservation, the money is held in a secure online wallet managed by our third-party payment providers. We will then transfer the reservation documentation, including the booking reference, hotel confirmation number and your name (as the original booker) to the buyer. The buyer will not receive any other details from you.

You will receive your money 3-4 days after the checkout time of your reservation, ready for withdrawal to your chosen account.

Can you check into a hotel room without the person who booked it?

If you buy a resale deal on the Plans Change marketplace, you can check into the hotel without the person who originally booked it.

Upon purchase, we will provide you with the reservation details the hotel will ask for at check-in, along with the original buyer's name. This information should satisfy the hotel and ensure a successful check-in. However, if you run into any issues, call our support team on 02036336570 to find a speedy solution.

Please note that even if you have purchased a pre-paid hotel resale deal in full, you may still be required to leave your card details at the hotel reception to cover any incidentals, such as room service or bar bills.

We make transferring hotel rooms easy

So now you know the answer to the question, 'Are hotel rooms transferable?' is yes, and how to resell your hotel room with Plans Change without changing the original booking name.

Our marketplace makes it quick and easy for people just like you to make money back on non-refundable hotel rooms. What's more, there's no work involved in transferring hotel rooms - we do it all for you. It's seamless. And with so many success stories (just read our testimonials for proof), you needn't worry about booking a non-refundable hotel room ever again.

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