What Hotel Star Rating Should I Book?

Usually, we book a 4 to 5-star hotel to enjoy the ultimate experience of leisure, dining and resting. Now, with all the pandemic worries, we pay more attention to details that make us feel safe before anything else – that is today’s luxury, and it comes by choosing a 4+ hotel, most of the time. With that in mind, here are a couple of things to look for before booking your stays. Don’t forget, safety is in the details.

Contactless Check-ins & Check-outs

Choose quick and efficient interactions. Hotels already offer the possibility of online or express check-in check-out, to prevent queues in the reception areas. Also, you could ask to check-out via email - one night prior to your leaving, if you also want to think eco-friendly.

Private Transport Services For Your Stay

If you are in for a city break or a long stay in urban areas, but you feel sceptical about public transportation, think of accessing private transport or limousine services directly from the hotel you’re going to stay in. 

Flexible Booking and Cancellation Policies

You might be hesitant to make a hotel reservation too far in advance. And who knows, maybe you’ll need to cancel it at short notice for reasons outside of your will. So, for your peace of mind, look for hotel policy options in your favour, or for online travel agents that offer options to re-sell your room or free cancellation.

No Hidden fees, Please

Your mind is already tackling hundreds of things, trying to anticipate any possible risk involving the safety of your family or friends - while travelling. So, no one needs financial worries as well - like hidden fees that just pop-up right before finalising the transaction for a hotel reservation. Any hotel should specify rates, packages, policies, and third party fees very clearly in the offer - but in reality, many don’t. To limit this risk, use a reservation site with direct contact to trusted hotels, that shows all fees from the get-go.

Choose Experiences, Not Services

Go beyond the standard packages a 3-star hotel can arrange for you, explore for yourself. Search for local and unique experiences anchored in the area you’ll have your stay in, or - better yet - pick out a hotel that is near unconventional treasures or offers professional sightseeing options. And don’t forget that people’s covered smiles can still be seen through their eyes throughout your journey.