What happens if you book a hotel room but can't go?

Life's unexpected twists and turns can sometimes leave us unable to enjoy the hotel room we've booked and paid for. While flexible options like refunds or date changes are available for some, those locked into non-refundable bookings face a dilemma.  Fortunately, our hotel room resale marketplace offers a solution. We make it easy to recoup some of your money when plans change, ensuring that even non-refundable bookings don't mean lost funds. Say goodbye to disappointment and hello to flexibility with Plans Change.

What can you do if your hotel won't refund?

If you can't get a refund for a hotel room you can't use, sell it on www.planschange.com and get some of your money back.

When life throws a curveball, and your travel plans change, one of the worst parts is knowing the money you've spent on your hotel room has gone to waste. If your hotel won't refund, why not list your room on our marketplace? We'll advertise your room booking to our captive global audience, who are poised and ready to secure the best hotel deals.

Does travel insurance cover a non-refundable hotel room?

While some travel insurance policies cover non-refundable hotel rooms, getting your money back can take time and effort. An easier option is to list your hotel room on the Plans Change marketplace.

Ready to turn the hotel room you can’t use into cash? Create a listing on Plans Change in 4 easy steps. First up, breeze through our hassle-free registration and validation process. It’s quick, easy, and for just £2.50 (plus sales tax), we’ll verify your listing, ensuring a community of genuine sellers. Next, create your listing. Simply enter your booking details and set a price that’s at least 25% lower than the original rate. Remember, the sweeter the deal, the more likely it’ll sell, putting money back into your pocket pronto! 

Once your listing is complete, simply upload proof of your booking, and voilà! We'll provide a preview of your listing for your approval before it goes live. Publishing and listing your hotel room on Plans Change costs just £5.00 (plus sales tax). So why wait? Let's get started.

Can another guest use my booking?

Hotels are interested in one thing: occupancy! Remember, if a room is occupied, they can make more money from the booking fee. We make it easy to transfer your pre-paid booking to another guest and do all the work for you.

Once you’ve got a buyer for your pre-paid hotel booking, get ready for the magic to happen! Within a swift 24 hours, we’ll secure and transfer your money straight into your account. No hassle, no fuss - just a quick, reliable service tailored to your needs. Plans Change takes your privacy seriously ensuring that your personal details remain under lock and key. Rest assured, the only thing shared with the buyer is the original booking name to ensure a seamless transfer and guaranteeing your peace of mind every step of the way.

Resell your hotel booking with Plans Change

Take advantage of your plans changing. Rather than wasting your pre-paid room and losing money, sell it on our hotel room resale marketplace, get some of your funds back and make your buyer's day with a great deal! With the flexibility to edit, delete or change the price of your listing until it sells, you remain in complete control. Plus, with global exposure from our marketplace and business partners, you stand the best chance of re-selling your pre-paid hotel booking.

Getting started is easy. Register with Plans Change today, create your first listing in minutes and resell your room!